Instructors and Staff

A great deal of experience to take you on a path of learning and personal growth.  Each instructor brings a new perspective and great deal of experience to the school.

Master Instructor:
Robert Koch


Chief Instructor
 John Karb


Senior Instructors

Ben Aldridge

Mark Acquard

Ken Lavis

Ed Levinstein

Mark Wozniak

Rosie Fierle


Jessie Lavis

Charlie Muscarella

Christine Faust

Jake DeGroot


Past Instructors:

(Not excluding anyone, I just do not have a complete list)

Cody Wiltse
Ian Kaizer
John Schlenker
Kyle “Kyote” Rozewski

John Glauser
Janel Patterson
Ryan Arnold
Steve Perkins
Brian Schuessler
Colin Calkins
Sifu Christoper Zeth – We All Miss you