Instructors and Staff

A great deal of experience to take you on a path of learning and personal growth.  Each instructor brings a new perspective and great deal of experience to the school.

School Owner:

Ben Aldridge

Master Instructor:
Robert Koch

Chief Instructor
 John Karb

Senior Instructors


Mark Acquard

Ken Lavis

Ed Levinstein


Mark Wozniak


Rosie Fierle


Jake Gerevics



Assistant Instructors

Jake Degroot

Ryan Kolpack

Jacob Anderson


Emily Dick



Past Instructors:

(Not excluding anyone, I just do not have a complete list)

Cody Wiltse
Ian Kaizer
John Schlenker
Kyle “Kyote” Rozewski

John Glauser
Janel Patterson
Ryan Arnold
Steve Perkins
Brian Schuessler
Colin Calkins
Sifu Christoper Zeth – We All Miss you