We are united in that we are an organization founded on the concepts of participation and co-operation without unwanted politics and control. Our organization is made up of full-time and part-time Martial Arts schools, clubs, independent instructors and individual Martial Arts students. All of these people share in the vision of uniting as a Martial Arts family so that we can all learn and grow from one another. There are a multitude of different styles involved. There are also cross training opportunities and co-operation with other Martial Arts organizations.


The term “Martial Arts” was chosen so as not to give preference to any one style or system, as our membership is quite diverse and open to all styles and systems both ancient and modern.


We are not a Federation or an Association. We are an Alliance of committed Martial Artists that have been drawn together to help support one another and to build a worldwide fraternity of friendship. Through this Alliance, new relationships are made and knowledge is gained. Thus, we are ever becoming a more powerful force in the Martial Arts community as well as growing individually. It is through this Alliance that we collectively benefit from the strength of affiliating with one another.

Membership to the UMAAI is open to anyone regardless of affiliation, style or rank!