Sensei Ken Lavis

3rd Degree- American Kenpo (March 5, 2016) – UMAA, VIIA
2nd Degree – American Kenpo Karate (March 24, 2012) UMAAIMG_9858.JPG
1st Degree – American Kenpo Karate (January 30, 2010) UMAA
Modern Arnis – Sensei Marion Kellogg & Punong Guro Sal Todaro
Kick Boxing – Shihan Elwin Roberts
Chidokwan karate-do – under the direction of Sensei Marion Kellogg and Shihan Elise Flynn


The start to my training was in 2004 at Alfred State college under the Direction of Marion Kellogg in Chidokwan karate-do. A style created in Alfred with a foundation of Shotokan. A somewhat modern twist on a traditional style was my first exposure to the martial arts. After graduating in December of 2006, I needed to find a new school. After talking with Elise Flynn about where and what to do, the words she said will never leave my thoughts. “It doesn’t matter the style, a good instructor is most important.” She did direct me to Shihan Elwin Roberts. Training with him for a couple of months increased my power, and sense of true fighting. Yet I wanted to continue my martial arts training and understanding of myself. After stopping into the IBBA and meeting everyone, I was hooked and found amazing instructors that have their own strenghts in so many different areas of the martial arts.

I am a firm believer that you have to have the basics. Not only in the martial arts, but as with life.

“The Hardest part about Karate is making it to Class.”

I am an Alfred State Graduate, B.S. Degree in Electromechanical Engineering Technology. I currently am employed with U&S Services Inc. An energy management company that installs and supports Andover Control systems for HVAC, Security, and Lighting Systems. A field I am passionate about due to our goal of reducing energy usage.